It’s Twilight for “Twilight”

November 17, 2012

It’s been quite a year folks, quite a year. President Obama won another term in office, Jerry Sandusky was sent to prison (a prison mostly for death row inmates, no less), Justin finally made an honest woman out of Jessica, Madonna went on tour…again, Britney returned to her television roots by joining the X Factor, an erotic trilogy (50 Shades of Gray) caused a baby boom and upheaval throughout bedrooms worldwide, and KStew dared to cheat on my beloved RPatz. (I will totally get into that in another post, by the way.)

Here I am taking my 2012 New Year’s Resolution oath on my prized Robert Pattinson doll. He sits on my fireplace mantle and will never come out of his little box.


Yet, the most monumental moment of 2012 is…drumroll please…my most favorite and coveted movie series finally reaching it’s ultimate denouement. That’s right people. As of today, Friday, November 16, 2012, The Twilight Saga is over. Finito. Curtain call time. Wrapped-up. The fat lady sang and took a bow. The end.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens today, November 16th, in theaters nationwide. (Photo courtesy of


Now, what the fuck do I do? Seriously. I have lived in rapt anticipation from Twi-movie to Twi-movie for the past 4 years. (The first Twilight film opened in November 2008.) You totally know what I’m talking about. I now have that same sense of loss I did when Lost ended its’ run. Mark and I looked at each other dumbfounded like, “Now what are we going to do on Wednesday nights?”

Well, where do I go from here? I’m thinking…

First, I go to the movies. Just not tonight. Mark would have an absolute fit if I left him with both boys on a Friday night so I could run off to see the last Twilight film.

I’ll go this week. But, I’m going alone. I’ve already decided that this is a sacred experience for me and I do not want to hear any side-bar commentary, nor do I want to have to defend my love for all things Twilight. I want to sit in a dark movie theater, in the middle of a row pretty far in the back, because that’s how you get the best visual, eat my M&M’s with a popcorn chaser, and pretend I’m living in Forks, Washington.

If you see someone in the back of a White Plains, New York movie theater holding up a lighter in tribute, that’ll be me. No. Not really. But, you get the idea.

Second, I’m going to re-read the Saga. I’ll tell you why. Initially, when I read those books I was swept up in Bella and Edward’s tornado of all-consuming heart-wrenching love. And, I couldn’t get enough. Stephanie Meyer inspired me. She inspired me to write, to love, to sparkle. Just kidding. I can’t really sparkle. Well, not literally.

My complete Twilight Saga book collection. And, yes, that is my Complete Illustrated Movie Companion book. There is no shame in being passionate about your interests.


However, like so many other writers, those books did spark some creativity of the written word within me. Unfortunately, it just didn’t ignite a visual of Edward as a riding crop wielding, hair-braiding “Dom.”  Major props to E.L. James for penning that erotic trilogy blockbuster which was originally born out of her Twilight-FanFiction piece called “Master of The Universe.”

I’m totally digressing. I want to re-read those books because I feel like I’ve “lost that lovin’ feeling.” And, I want it back. I want to go back to Bella’s first day at Forks High, when she locks eyes with Edward for the first time and is done. Nothing is better than when Edward walks into that lunchroom like he’s too cool for school.

I want to relive all those moments.

To me, the first book in the Saga is sacrosanct. Now, I know I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet, but, so far, the first film is also the best one. There was nothing like seeing those incredible characters come to life on the big screen for the first time. So, I must pay homage to Catherine Hardwicke, the Director of the first Twilight film. I thought she did an amazing job. Not only did she do Edward and Bella’s story justice, but she set the tone for the whole series.

It’s just not possible to speak about the end of this franchise without remembering and lauding the film that kicked it all off.

Lastly, I’m going to sit down with the previous 4 films, watch them all over again, and have myself a little Twilight Saga marathon, with a couple of bottles of wine and a big box of tissues, of course. I know all good things must come to an end.

So, while I’m devastated that Twilight has hit it’s final twilight, I know there’s still one more thing left for me to anxiously anticipate. That’s right. The Twilight Saga complete collector’s edition box set with extra scenes and interviews. Yay!


Look out for my review of Breaking Dawn Part 2 next week, along with my post on KStew and RPatz.

How do you feel about Twilight being fininshed?


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1 Kim November 17, 2012 at 2:59 am

Well written my friend!!! Btw raisonettes with popcorn are a better combo. I remember the last four years well, listening to all of your twilight discussions. I would love to join your twilight marathon if you want company. I have missed your posts. Glad you’re back. Xo

2 Anchy February 27, 2016 at 3:55 pm

I feel like offering my right arm and lead her to the next small cafe9 and just talk to her for a litlte bit and ask her what plans she had for the future. I wonder what she d answered two years ago and if all her dreams and wishes have become true! Greetings from Dan

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