Summer Summer Summer-Time

June 23, 2012

Until those camp buses leave, I don’t consider it summer-time. Well, break out the suntan lotion and mix those margaritas, because school is out and I’m ready to kick-back and relax. No carpools, no drop-offs and pick-ups, no snacks or lunches, no projects that are really mine to complete, no homework, and no more yelling to “stop fighting and quiet down.”  Hip-hip hooray!

Okay, I still have Jake at home, but we all know having one child at home is a hell of a lot easier, than “more than one.” And, I plan on running that one child ragged all summer. So, when we do get home, he will look like this:

Aaah, the peace and quiet. And, no, we have not been able to separate from “Baba.”

Lots of kids have a tough time going away to camp, and my heart goes out to those kids and parents. Fortunately, I’m not one of them. Sam barely looked back as he got on the bus, and I had to literally tell him to tell me that he loves me. I know! Doesn’t he remember how tough my labor was with him? Hmmph.

Where do you think you’re going kid? Get back here, give me a hug, and take a picture dammit.

Yes, he had his emotional moment last night, but as Mark said, “He got it out of his system so he could man-up today.” Did I mention Sam is 9 years old?

Anyway. The parent camp culture dictates, with good-nature and heartfelt sincerity, that you inquire about everyone’s departure and emotional mind-sets, that includes the parents. Those inquiries are often spoken in a serious tone. A tone you might use, perhaps, should you find out someone might lose a limb. (G-d forbid.) Okay. I’m exaggerating a little, but you get my point.

Some people were a little shocked when I answered their questions about how Sam did this morning and how I’m doing, with an enthusiastic, “Great! It couldn’t have gone better.”

I received some blank stares, and then a little more probing, such as “Oh. You’re okay. You still have one at home. It won’t be so bad for you.” Are you kidding?

This is Sam’s third summer at sleep-away camp, and let me tell you, I’m counting the days until Jake goes next summer. No. Joke. I’m not upset about the thought of having no kids at home, I’m fucking psyched beyond belief.

Of course, I love my children. And, yes, I will miss them, somewhat. But, I don’t get any business trips for being a Mom. There’s no commuting as I listen to my IPod, while reading The New York Times, as a Mom. And, sick days. Forgetta ’bout it. There are no sick days in Mom-land.

When those kids get out of school on Friday at 10am (yes, we have an odd last day dismissal time), and camp starts, my summer also begins. So, right now I’m sipping my very large glass of Chardonnay, while Jake tortures his babysitter. And, in about two minutes, I will start getting ready for my date, with my husband. Hopefully, we’ll find something else to talk about other than the kids. Cheers!

Happy Summer 2012 Everyone!

How do you feel about your summer?


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1 Kim June 24, 2012 at 3:29 am

Best post ever!!! What else can I say!!! I’ll feel that way on Thursday when jayden finally leaves. Can’t wait!!!

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