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November 14, 2011

I have been engrossed in the Penn State University scandal, and just can not understand how so many knew for so long and no one did anything about it. Forget about reporting it, not one of the eyewitnesses even attempted to stop Sandusky’s criminal acts.  Mike McQueary should be fired.  I am horrified.

And, I don’t care how beloved “JoePa” is or was or whatever.  He knew what was going on and never went to the police.  Where is the condemnation for that? Yeah, yeah, yeah…he was fired before the big Nebraska game.  Big deal.  The feeling on PSU’s campus, as reflected in the media, is that the University community is devastated about Joe Paterno’s “being let go.”  They should be devastated about his character.

PSU Scandal

Joe Paterno with Sandusky.

To me, those who stand by and do nothing are just as bad, if not worse, than those who commit the actual crimes.  The ones that “look the other way” had the opportunity to do something, and did nothing.  Those kids have been destroyed. And, the ultimate irony is that Sandusky preyed on the exact group of kids, “at-risk boys in the College, PA area”, for which he set up his Second Mile organization in the first place.  Pig.

I hope some big hairy tattooed guy named Duke or Bubba makes Sandusky his prison bitch.

All I keep thinking about are my own boys, and how if anyone ever touched them or harmed them in any way, I would make Xena look like a dental hygienist on Valium.

We have to keep our kids safe.  My heart aches for those boys and their families. Hopefully, they can take some solace in knowing that, once imprisoned, Sandusky will be viewed as a “bottom feeder” in the social hierarchy of inmates, and will, undoubtedly, “get his”.

For an in-depth review of the PSU scandal timeline, look here.



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