Well…it’s taken me a while, but I’m finally ready to put out my “official public statement…” I know many of you have heard, and many haven’t, which is kind of crazy since it’s been all over the news and tabloids (insert sarcasm)…But, yes…After, 15 years of marriage I am getting divorced. I’m not going to sugar-coat things. It hasn’t  been a “walk in the park” these past eight months. Ok, it hasn’t been a “bowl of […]

I don’t even know where to start….But, I know I just have to start. Sitting down to write this post is actually much harder than when I wrote my first post (back on October 27, 2011). Something takes over when you keep procrastinating. It’s called paralysis. Paralysis of your life. Well, in this case, my life. I’m talking about putting your life on hold. I’ve had a lot of hot mess this past year and […]

I Am Woman

May 11, 2013

**To all the INCREDIBLY AMAZING SUPER-MOMS out there…This one’s for you! Happy Mother’s Day ladies! xoxoxo** Many of you know, I am NOT a morning person. At. All. So, the fact that I woke up at 6:30 am to drive into Manhattan, during rush hour from Westchester, I might add, should give you an indication of how determined I was to go to the DivaMoms 1st Annual Mom Mogul Breakfast co-hosted by More Magazine, this past Tuesday, May 7th, at Bond […]

Love Is In The Air

March 9, 2013

***This post is dedicated to my girl, Jessica-now-officially-Weissman, and all the people out there who are looking for love or who have found love a second, third or fourth, time around!!! I was in Florida last Saturday. Not for fun in the sun, but to celebrate Jessica’s wedding to her man, Zeev. And, it was fabulous! You’re probably thinking, “Awesome food, lots of alcohol, great music, and a gorgeous backdrop.” That all happens to be true, […]


February 24, 2013

It’s Oscar time. The Red Carpet is starting right now. And, I am literally sitting on pins and needles right now to see whether Bradley Cooper goes with Armani or Hugo Boss for his big night. No. I’m not. I have no doubt he’ll look yummy in whoever he decides to wear this evening. What I’m really thinking about is my competitive streak. This is my Belmont Stakes. My Super Bowl. My World Series. Well, […]