My Hot Last-Days-of-Summer Bonus Reads

September 1, 2012

Labor Day Weekend is here. And, I think it’s important that you all have the proper reading material while you enjoy this holiday weekend. So, I want to give you my hot and steamy last days-of-summer bonus reads.

I gave you My Top 10 Sexy Summer Reads in July. Now, I give you the bonus list.

Here they are, in all their hot, saucy, and incredibly sexy glory. My Hot Last-Days-of-Summer Bonus Reads:

1. The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond

This is a MUST READ. Be prepared. TWD is a book for the senses. You may want to get your glass of Merlot ready when you sit down with this one. Not only did the delicious Dr. Ivan jump off the page, but so did those decadent dishes, luscious wines, and classic Frank Sinatra tunes. In fact, the whole book has an almost lyrical quality to it. It actually reads like one beautiful love song from “Old Blue Eyes.”  Quite simply, it’s been beautifully written by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond. And, you will not be disappointed by the equally beautiful love scenes. Dr. Ivan is a living breathing superman of sorts. No. Really. He’s a Doctor of Nutrition and Medical Fitness, a model, bodybuilder and former Mr. USA (twice), and now romance novelist. Hot Damn. TWD is a fictional memoir based on Dr. Ivan’s love life. So, you have a real life hero to imagine while reading how he romances and falls in love with Jaden, an up-and-coming Miami chef. This book is quite simply a wonderful love story, which asks that age old question, “Do you live your life listening to your head or your heart?” Read The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers and find out.

2. Slammed by Colleen Hoover

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It’s simply MARVELOUS. Unique. Poignant. Heart-achingly good.  This book is one of the most original stories I’ve read. It’s like a chocolate croissant. (My favorite treat.) You love devouring it, but you’re so disappointed when it’s finished. But, have no fear, the sequel, Point of Retreat, is there to satisfy your Slammed sweet tooth. Layken and Will’s story is so powerful. Their connection is palpable. And, their relationship is so lovingly tortured I found myself in tears many times over. But, in a good way. Did I ever mention how much I love it when a book can make me cry? Well, I do. Colleen Hoover is a freakin’ fantastic writer. The relationships she created are so rich and layered, I found myself completely enthralled with her creative abilities, as well. I know I haven’t given you a detailed story summary here, and I’m sorry for that. However, the emotional affects this book had on me were so tremendous that there is no way a mere story summary could communicate how special this novel is to me, and how incredible it is, period. This is a MUST MUST MUST read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Going Under by Georgia Cates

This is a real favorite of mine. I read it a long time ago, and still feel the affects of it. This is a high school dramatic love story that is anything but juvenile. First, the dialogue in this novel is fabulous. Especially, the banter between our main girl Claire and her best friend Payton. It’s fun, touching, and real. Payton is an amazing character in the book. The ultimate best friend. I love that girl. Just wanted you to know. Okay. Back to our main characters. Jessie Boone is the ultimate bad boy, with tattoos and all, who just happens to be one helluva quarterback, and he’s smart too. He comes from the wrong side of the tracks and knows he needs to use his athletic ability in order to better his life. Of course, upon transferring to East Franklin High, Jessie runs into trouble with current QB, Forbes Henderson. He takes the first string spot, and this causes Forbes to go to extreme and devious ends. Enter Claire Deveraux. The penultimate perfect girl, who also just happens to be guess-who’s girlfriend? You got it. That jack-ass, Forbes. Well, Jessie sets his sights on her. And, his plan for revenge begins. He will conquer Claire and steal her away. Only, his plan sort of backfires on him. Jessie learns that revenge is sweet, but not in the way you think. That’s right. Claire captures his heart, and teaches him that love is much sweeter than revenge. There’s also some heavy issues that these “kids” have to deal with, and it adds a whole new depth to the mature YA novel. You HAVE to read this book. Please trust me!!!

4. More Than Meets The Ink by Elle Aycart

Holy hell. This book is hot. I am so crazy about James. He is the ultimate good guy all wrapped up in a bad boy package. His inked body is definitely drool-worthy. He’s also one determined man. His pursuit of Tate is relentless, especially since they start out being a holiday only no-strings affair. And, ooooh boy, there are some fantastic sex scenes in this one. Some of the hottest I’ve ever read. And, I think we can all agree that I’ve read a lot, so you know I know what I’m talking about here. I also really love Tate. She’s fiery, sassy, and admirable. Her life is hectic between trying to save her family’s restaurant, dealing with her employee’s discontent, struggling with the death of her brother and father, and, of course, she has the matter of a stalker threatening impending doom at every turn. Through it all, you really root for James and Tate. James refuses to go anywhere. It’s so romantic. Oh, I almost forgot…Tate also has a very interesting body piercing that is naughty, naughty, naughty, and I like it. A lot. G-d you learn so much from these books. Aaaah.

 5. Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

Okey-dokey folks. I told you about Knight in My Top Ten Sexy Summer Reads, in July. Well, here’s Mystery Man by the same author, Kristen Ashley. This is the first book in her Dream Man Series, and it’s amaze-a-balls. I’ve come to the conclusion that no one can do a dominant hunky alpha bad-ass like Kristen Ashley. I started with this novel and read the rest straight through. Does that tell you something? It should. It should tell you to buy this book and read it. The sex was great, but the dynamic between Gwen and Cabe “Hawk” Delgado are even better. Gwen is a girly-girl to Hawk’s alpha Commando male. Mix it together, like Gwen’s favorite drink, the Cosmo, and you get a modern day damsel-in-distress love story. It’s beyond scintillating. There’s great dialogue, dynamic relationships, danger, love triangles, family strife and hot hot hot sex. Read this one and don’t stop until you’ve finished the whole series.


Well, I’m off to start my Labor Day Weekend partying festivities. Happy Reading Everyone!!!

I want to hear from you. So, please let me know what you think of this end-of-summer reading list.


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