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April 2, 2012

**This is for my beautiful friend Lauren, who wanted a fun read. Hope this gives you a chuckle or two, Girl!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple of months regarding all things sexy. To say this is a direct result of my ongoing romance/erotica literary addiction would be an understatement. I now view things in very simple terms. Sexy. Not sexy. Turns me on. Turns me off. Hot. So not hot.

Let me expound. Leaving a note with a piece of jewelry on top, just because, sexy. A morning good-bye kiss with an “I love you and your gorgeous,” sexy. Putting your shoes away without me having to even raise an eyebrow, total turn-on. Telling me my ass looks great in those jeans, definite turn-on. Taking over kiddie bedtime duties, hot.

And, then we have this…

Mark's Notes

Mark's "To Do" list for me, for this week. I can't even read it. Notice how there's no please or thank you, or Sweetheart, would you mind....

Leaving a sloppily written “To Do” list for your wife, in numerical order, not sexy. Not. Sexy. I get shit like this all the time. I’ll wake up, not to beautifully written love letters, but to Mark’s never-ending lists of  tersely written “reminders.” He likes to keep me abreast of all plumbing, insect control, heating and A/C issues.

I’m going to state the obvious here, I am home. Almost all the time. So, I often wonder what Mark’s thinking. I mean, does he really think I wouldn’t call the plumber if the toilet didn’t work, or that I wouldn’t call the exterminator if we had an ant outbreak? I may be in my own world of 6’5″ men with six-pack abs and chiseled jaw lines, but I’d notice a water issue or mice scurrying across the floor.

Just this morning, I happened to notice this little note, as I turned my head from the microwave to the side of the refridgerator…

Mark and Notes

An example of Mark's shopping directive for me. No verbal communication. He just assumes I will ultimately come upon his scribbles.

So. Not. Hot. Like, I don’t know that we’re out of napkins and dishwasher detergent? Really? Who does he think is running this show? The house is MY office, damn-it!

I ask you, how do you think Mark would feel if I went to his office and started leaving little post-it reminders all over the place? I’m going to go with pretty fucking annoyed. Just for fun, I could leave things like, underwear and socks in hamper or caps go back on bottles or seat goes down. What do you think?

Hopefully, Mark will stop stepping on my turf. Of course, if he wants to leave me a “To Do” list with explicit directives for later tonight in the bedroom, that would definitely be hot. Very hot. And, a definite turn-on.


Would this bother you?


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1 Kim April 3, 2012 at 12:42 am

Agree. However I actually commend mark for actually making a list. I don’t get lists. He never writes things down when he finishes something. I get why don’t we have any??? My answer…put it on the f-in list!!!!

2 Greg April 3, 2012 at 1:26 pm

As a guy will take these lessons to heart !

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