Sock It To Me

December 17, 2011

I’m totally smitten with Michael Buble. I’ve never really looked at him. Given him much thought. Or, really listened to him. But, yesterday, while having my morning cup of coffee with Kelly, Michael was co-hosting, and he was fabulous. Just, fabulous. In fact, I think he might just be the man for that coveted permanent co-hosting position. He was that good.

Michael Buble with Kelly

Michael Buble being his sexy self, while co-hosting on Live with Kelly. (Image courtesy of

He has that “ring-a-ding-ding” swagger of yesteryear, while still maintaining an ultra cool edginess of today. And, he’s super funny. I had no idea. I’m going to start following him on Twitter.

Although, that’s not why he captured my heart. Want to know why? His super-cool Superman socks.

Michael Buble Socks

Check out the awesome socks. These aren't the ones he wore on Live with Kelly, but those are his feet, and socks. He apparently has many different pairs. These made an appearance in Ireland. (Image courtesy of

He loves unique socks, and so do I. I have a big thing for socks. The cuter the sock, the better. Patterns are great. Faces are adorable. And, anything kitschy is fabulous. (See Michael Buble’s feet in the above pic.)

I want my feet to be as happy as the rest of me. It’s not like I have a foot fetish. Believe me, I have a friend who once dated a guy with a bonified foot fetish, and I so do not have one. It involved bizarre high-heels, whip-cream and massage oil. Don’t ask.

But, I do love pampering my “tootsies.” You spend so much time on your feet, they should not be neglected. Pedicures, reflexology, and sock specific shopping is what I indulge in, just to keep them happy. I believe, if your feet feel and look good, then the rest of your body will thank you. And, generally speaking, most people are in a pretty good mood if their feet are “happy.”

For me, that means looking down and seeing a really great pair of socks. Also, the cute socks usually feel the best. Here’s a sampling of some of my own collection:

My Socks

Some cute winter patterns. The ones at the top are "athletic" socks, and the brand is literally called "Happy Feet." Love it.

Fishnet Socks

I'm crazy for fishnet socks. These are great with a pump or open toe shoe. Can't wait to wear these.

So, now you know my little fashion secret. I love fabulous, awesome, sexy and adorable “foot clothing.” Yes, I may spend a little more than necessary on footwear, but, damn it, my feet are worth it. (At least that’s what I tell Mark after he sees the bill.)


What’s your secret fashion indulgence?


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1 Kim Cyzner December 18, 2011 at 2:10 am

Can’t wait to see your tootsies in a pair of fishnets!!!!

2 Sharon December 18, 2011 at 2:23 am

Big kisses to you! so

3 Carolyn December 19, 2011 at 3:55 am

I’m very into the skull pair!

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