November 22, 2011

Boys are obsessed with balls. At least, my boys are obsessed with balls. And, they’re even more obsessed with talking about balls. “Balls,” “ball sack,” “scrotum sack,” “nuts,” “big balls,” “small balls,” “huge balls,” “tiny balls,” well, you get the idea.

I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in a female dominated home, or if it’s because males are just so foreign to me, but I am fascinated with my boys’ fascination with balls. Seriously fascinated.

And, what I find most curious is their extreme curiosity with big balls of the animal kingdom. It seems every time we go to a zoo, a ranch, or a farm, all the boys care about are finding the animals with the biggest balls. As if that wasn’t torturous enough, they make me document the abnormalities, or physical wonders, or whatever.

Front of the Ram

Here's the Ram the boys still can't stop laughing about. This is the front shot. (Lion Country Safari in Florida.).

And, ta-da….


Huge Ram Balls.

They think it’s absolutely hysterical. Where’s Mark, you wonder? Well, he’s encouraging them, and getting in on the action too. Then something happens, where it’s contagious like a virus, and I catch it from time to time. It’s like I catch “ball fever” or something.

When Sam went to sleep-away camp, for the first time, I tucked the “Huge Ram Balls” photo in his trunk. I thought it would give him a chuckle or two. To say that was the highlight of all the summer gifts I sent to him, brought to him, or had others give him, would be an understatement.

That ram photo was taken about three years ago, and we’re still talking about it. So much so, that when we took the kids to San Diego this summer they couldn’t wait to see what kind of treats the Zoo had to offer. All I will say, is that the San Diego Zoo did not disappoint. The photos will speak for themselves.

Elephant Front

An elephant.


Are you ready? I encourage you to look away, if you don’t think you can handle it.


Elephant balls

Enormous Elephant Balls.

All I kept thinking was, “Now I know where the term elephantitis of the nuts comes from.” I’m telling you, I have “ball fever.” Those kids and that husband of mine infected me. Now, I’m happily joining in on the fun.

While in San Diego, we also took the kids to Lego Land. The large scale Lego cow is the only thing they found interesting. We actually all had a good laugh over this one.

 Lego Tush

A stinky Lego cow tush.


Lego Tush 2

What do you think Sam's talking about here?


Oh the joys of motherhood. I told Sam about tonight’s post and he was, of course, in hysterics. The combination of the word “balls” and his Mom saying “balls” was too much for him to handle. He was doubled-over.

In my quest to understand their obsession, I asked Sam, “Why are you boys so obsessed with balls and talking about them?” Well, my nine year old looked at me, with that sweet angelic face of his, and said, “What can I tell you Mom, that’s just what guys do.”



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1 Kim December 4, 2011 at 12:21 am

Honestly I wish I were wearing depends right now cuz I’m peeing in my pants. Lol

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