Twi-Mom and Proud

November 17, 2011

Tonight. Midnight. Breaking Dawn. Yes, I’m a Twi-Mom and proud.

I read the Twilight books one after another in quick succession. I read them at the supermarket. I read them waiting at the dry cleaner. I read them while getting my nails done. I even read a line or two at stop-lights. I couldn’t get enough.  I was ravenous. (See what I did there?)

Let me explain why…

Those books evoke that feeling of tortured sweetness you only have with your first love, that you never forget.  So, when those movies started coming out, I was ecstatic. Of course, I was nervous about the casting, just like every other Twi-Hard, but I don’t think I could have done any better.

Clearly, the most important choice, was that of Edward Cullen.  Our physically perfect male specimen. And, when Robert Pattinson entered that cafeteria, in the first Twilight movie, well, hold me back people. I was immediately smitten.  He encapsulated everything Edward was supposed to be, and then some.

I became so googly-eyed over R-Patz that my friend Dayna couldn’t resist giving me a little Twilight memorabelia. That’s right. My very own Edward doll. He’s still in his box and sits on my mantle. Not kidding. And, no, I’m not embarrassed. And, no, Mark doesn’t think it’s weird. Well, maybe a little. But, deep down he knows I’m still a fifteen year old teenager at heart.

R-Patz Doll

My perfect little Edward, trapped in a box.

When the first Twilight film came out, I saw it about four or five times in the theatre. By myself. I’m totally serious. The way he looked at Kristen Stewart’s Bella had me transfixed. I could watch him flash Bella those looks all day long. (I happen to love their pairing in real life too.)

It brought me back to that time in high school, when you pass the boy you like in the hall and everyone else disappears.  It’s just the two of you. No one else exists.  You look at him, he looks at you and offers a knowing smile. That’s all you need. Ok, I’m working myself up over here. I know this isn’t a romance novel with Fabio gracing the cover. I digress. Sorry about that.

Obviously, you can see why every mom, who picked up the Twilight series, became enthralled. Basically, we’re ALL fifteen year old girls at heart who wouldn’t mind a swoon or two, now and again. And, those books and films bring us back to those delicious butterflies in the stomach kind of swooning.

Let’s face it. After two kids and twelve years of marriage the butterflies are pretty much moths now.

We’re about eleven hours away from what is sure to be the best movie in the series, and I can’t wait. Finally some sex. Oh, how I can’t wait to see Bill Condon’s vision of Edward’s “headboard breaking” scene come to life.

I had always planned to be there at midnight when the movie first opens, but I’m sure it’s sold out by now. And, really, who are we kidding…I’ll never be able to stay up that late, no matter how young I am at heart.

Are you excited for Breaking Dawn to hit theatres? 


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1 Kim November 19, 2011 at 12:44 am

Can’t wait to see it. I know R Patz is the love of your life but we r for team Jacob (Taylor) in our house. Jay has his picture up all over her room. Lol

2 Sharon November 24, 2011 at 12:54 am

Boo Hoo!!!

3 Kim December 4, 2011 at 12:25 am

It lasted a week. Now back to the Beiber!

4 jess zelikovitz December 4, 2011 at 11:02 am

From a dad to a 40 yearold daughter, I THINK YOU ARE NUTS.

5 Sharon December 5, 2011 at 6:44 pm

just saw this mr. z!! too funny!!

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