One Pukey Movie

November 2, 2011

One day poop, another day puke. And, yes, it is from the same child, Jake.

School was a half-day on Monday, so I picked up the boys and decided we would have a little afternoon adventure. I took them to their favorite pizza place, Venetian Delight, for lunch, and checked the movie times.

We decided on The Three Musketeers, “all for one, and one for all.” Here’s how our movie moments went:

Sam sits without moving throughout the whole film. Five minutes in and Jake has to pee. Up and out we go. Twenty minutes later, Jake has to pee again. Up and out we go. Just when I think we’re settled in, Jake stands up and starts pushing his little body onto my lap. Then the constant wriggling for the rest of the film, with him whining, “I want to go hoooommmme. I don’t like the moooovieee.” Sam remains perfectly still until the credits start to roll.

Jake had wriggled so much that my phone became lost in the black hole that is movie theatre seating.  Just fabulous.

As the boys put on their coats, I got down, hands and knees, on the buttery popcorn encrusted floor, looking for my phone.

Jake’s whining turned into full fledged screaming as he cried hysterically, “I want to go home nowwwww!”  While still on the floor, I looked up and calmly said, “We will leave as soon as I find my phone.”

This only seemed to exacerbate Jake’s hysteria, so with increased anxiety, I loudly declared, “I’m not leaving without my phone!”  After telling the boys to “stay put and don’t move”,  I ran outside to see if one of the ushers had a flashlight.

Not more than five feet from the theatre door, I was able to grab an usher.  “Great, now I can find the phone and get out of here,” I thought to myself, as I turned back around and saw Jake, hunched over and vomiting. Oh no. Not again.

Another mess to clean up.  Twice in two days.  This has to be some kind of record.  However, this mess I was spared from cleaning.  Not only did the lovely theatre usher lady help me find my phone, but she also took care of the vomit.  Would you think I’m nuts if I told you that I gave her a grateful hug?  Yes.  Well, the hug was more for me than her.

Finally, out we walked.  Phone recovered and one  afternoon adventure accomplished.

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