Halloween 2011: Baby It’s Cold Outside

October 31, 2011

Hello Halloween 2011!

I had my boys annual school Halloween parade this morning, and it was fucking cold outside!  I’m sure many of you know that New York had a snow-storm all day Saturday, which extended well into the evening.  And, as a result many in our town, which for the purposes of this blog will be known as Stonyville, lost power or partial power.

We are part of the partial power losers.  It’s the oddest thing too.  Not one light or appliance works in my kitchen, except for the TV.  We have no heat downstairs but heat upstairs.  The hi-hats in my bedroom are out, but my bedside lamps and TV work.  Go figure.

A lot of people in Stonyville, take any amount of power outage as an opportunity to hi-tail it over to the Ritz, while others, such as yours truly, prefer to stick it out in North Pole conditions.  Here’s a visual for you; I am writing this post with my warmest down winter coat on, and a steaming hot cup of Starbucks at my side, with a fuzzy mustardy-yellow blanket draped over my legs.  Sexy, no?

But, back to the parade.  We had purchased the boy’s costumes a while ago, so we were ready to go bright and early this morning.  Sam is donning a Zombie ensemble, and Jake is outfitted as one mean green Military Man.  I decided to go as a neurotic, NY Jewish woman, with general life malaise masquerading as an icicle.  Creative, no?

After dropping the boys off, I parked my car and headed over to the front of the school, where the parade was to begin.  Of course, I was super excited when I saw the kindergarten classes take off.  And, like every other Mom, and some Dads, in the crowd, I anxiously awaited Jake’s turn.

“Jakey.  Jakey.  Over here,”  I screamed while waving frantically, with one gloved hand, as the other braved the weather and snapped as many pics as possible.

Jake walking in the parade, not realizing where I am yet.

Jake found me.

Then, I waited.  For a long time, or what seemed like a long time.  The first graders had to parade on by, and then the second graders.  And, there are about four classes in each grade.  While waiting, I thought to myself, “Why the hell didn’t I have these kids closer together?”

And, for added torture, the third graders, apparently, were lost somewhere in the building, because there was a big lapse in time from the last second grade class to the first third grade class.  But, they eventually paraded too.  And, just as I anxiously awaited Jake’s arrival, I anxiously awaited Sam’s.

“Sam. Sam.  Wait.  Why aren’t you wearing your mask and wig?”  I screamed while snapping away.

Sam Zombie walking on by...without the mask/wig, which smelled like a dirty foot. (Or the inside of a dead raccoon, as Sam just corrected me.)

Smiling and waving enthusiastically, as he passed me by, Sam declared, “Because it smells like a dirty foot!”

I nodded in tacit understanding, and let out a sigh.  So, the Zombie ensemble will only be from the neck down, which is fine.  I mean, what kind of mother would I be anyway, if I made my kid wear a “dirty foot” just for the sake of Halloween fashion?  At least now he can wear a proper hat so he doesn’t catch a cold tonight when he’s out trick-or-treating in the Tundra!


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