Never Forget. Never Again.

January 30, 2017

I really wanted to get back to my roots, and give you a fun post, but I am sick to my stomach when I think about Sean Spicer’s press conference earlier today. He’s disrespectful and demeaning to the press corp, combative, smug and manipulative. Just like his boss. (And, I can’t even begin to think about Chuck Todd’s interview with Reince Priebus this morning. Equally disturbing and disgusting.) When asked about the omission of anti-Semitism and […]

While we’re wondering what Trump’s reaction will be to Obama’s declaration that he “doesn’t understand the world,” and hoping it will be out-of-this-world fantabulous, I’ve decided to share something far more important than our current political landscape with all of you. That’s right. I’m finally doing it. I’m about to give you what you’ve been waiting for…An in depth look into my life as a newly single 43 year old woman, and Mom, who has been thrust back into […]

You Do You Boo

February 16, 2016

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day…Just in case you needed a reminder. I’ve been thinking a lot about my Valentine’s Days of years past, and I have to say…yesterday was pretty fabulous! For the first time in years, I felt calm, relaxed, happy, and LOVED. Pretty amazing considering I’m single now. Go figure. Valentine’s Day is the kind of Hallmark holiday designed to make singles feel self-conscious and inferior in some way. And, sometimes it’s the loneliest day […]

Today is Martin Luther King Day…January 18,2016.  My house takes today very seriously.  And, it’s not just because MLK’s famous “I have a Dream Speech” was given on my birthday, August 28th. I haven’t taken my kids on any marches, protests, or rallies, but their social consciousness and commitment to civic-mindedness is ingrained in them. Either I did something right, or dare I say, our educational system has done something right.  I’ll go with a […]

HAPPY New Year!

January 1, 2016

Happy 2016 Everyone! I’m wishing lots of happy and lots of smiles to all of you! Before I get into anything, I just want to thank you for visiting me over the years, reading my words, sending me your thoughts, and most recently, offering your support and beautiful words of encouragement.  No one should ever feel alone, and I hope by sharing, I’m also helping someone else in some small way. The ball has dropped…Thank G-d!!! […]